Praying For Tucker

Join us in praying for Tucker Arendt, son of Tony and Morgan Arendt. He is in the hospital for a brain infection that is extremely rare. He will be in the hospital for at least 21 days. Including your prayers we are also gathering funds to help the family with the growing expenses. You can donate below and also watch for our fundraiser coming March 12th!


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Praying for Tucker

Tucker Arendt

Tucker is an 8 year old in 2nd grade who lives in McPherson, KS. He loves legos, Minecraft, and Skillet!

On 2/16/22 Tucker went to ER with vomiting, stabbing headache, and what mom thought was a seizure. They sent him home saying he had dehydration. The next day 2/17/22, he woke up shaking the bed, and then when tried to walk fell over and was awake but not responsive. He was rushed to the ER again. They ran tests and a spinal tap and found the believed he had a brain infection. Shortly after this he had a seizure and stopped breathing (due to med reaction) while waiting for the ambulance. Once stable they transferred him to Wesley PICU in Wichita.

Once in Wesley they verified that he had Encephalitis which is a brain infection. This accounts for the seizures and head pain as it can cause a lot of pain. They started him on medicine to target the infection and by the next day he woke up enough to this picture with mom! He is still struggling with confusion, rashes, fevers, and headaches.

Tuckers Hospital Stay

Tucker will be in the hospital to receive the antibiotic for 21 days. Following this, he will have a spinal tap and if the infection is gone. He gets to go home. Otherwise he will have to have another 7 days of antibiotics and then recheck the spinal fluid for the infection until it is completely gone. Once home (as well as in the hospital) he will be receiving to build back up his strength and abilities:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

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