MPNaz Youth Group

We meet every Wednesday that school is session during the school year at 7pm in the basement of MPNaz. Summer we have a set schedule of days.

7:00-7:20 Hangout

When teens arrive they are able to buy from the concession stand, play games like billiards, fooz ball, shuffleboard, game stations, or simply hangout with others their age!

Lesson Time

At Lesson time we all gather together and learn together. Lessons are tailored to accommodate different learning abilities and all stages of ones walk with Jesus. They often get plenty of chances to earn some candy!

Game Time

At MPNaz we want everyone to know that loving Jesus does NOT mean we do not have fun! We play crazy games, eating contests, silly contests, and more! All in good fun and teens are able to work on social skills, team building, making friends, and learning how to interact with people they might not outside of youth group.

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