MPNaz Craft Fair

Craft Fair Flyer

Flyers had an error- there are NO 4×6 spaces. Only 6×8 indoor and 10×10 outdoor.

Vendors please read the information carefully.

1) Please fill out the Craft Fair Application
-Mail to 1455 N Main McPherson, KS
-Email to
2) Read through the craft regulations handout and await email approving entry into
show. Make sure you have a KS State Tax ID #
3) Once approved, sign and return the craft regulations contract and follow Payment link below to register and pay for booth(s).
4)Start crafting!
5)Setup on November 15th/16th
6) Sell, Sell, Sell and have fun!

Costs for event:

Vendors Information

MPNaz Craft Fair Application2019
KS State Tax ID PDF Form
KS State Tax ID Online Application
Craft Regulations_2019


Link to Payment (ONLY once application has been approved)
Payment for Approved Vendors

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